Key Features

Debater Experience

“YapPolitics’ nonpartisan facilitation system, face-to-face communication, and “free” environment make for the ultimate debating experience.

Anti-echochamber Algorithms
YapPolitics identifies posts with political themes and affiliations that you have not been exposed to yet to make the topics worth debating.
Public forum
The public forum allows users to interact with a diverse affiliation set of their same demographic and engage in back and forth debate.
Resource Center
YapPolitics has partnered with to educate our users on political topics from the left, center, and right, that strays away from political bias and false information.
Live debates:
Start live debates with your YapRooms: Pick two debaters, select a political topic, choose time for opening statements, and get ready to start Yapping!
YapRooms are centralized areas for users to run organizational programming, express themselves, and debate certain issues that are important to them.
Personalized Profiles
The profile allows users to customize their background and profile image, express themselves through a political bio and affiliation tag, and showcase all their participating Yaprooms.